Mistakes are OK

Whether it is a new diet, work out routine, a relationship, or something as serious as dealing with an addiction, take comfort in the fact that you will mess up. This probably sounds strange to you. Why would anyone be glad about messing up on a path to improvement, healing, or personal growth?

The reason I say this is because every journey we embark on is a story to share with someone else. Think back to your parents, relatives, or mentors that shared with you those times they made mistakes along their way. How helpful was it to you that they took the time to impart some wisdom to help guide you on your journey?

Hopefully now you’re starting to see my point. Some might say I’m writing this just to justify my behavior – specifically I made a pretty critical mistake in my journey on Thursday. At first I was devastated. I woke up the next day depressed, demotivated, and worried about everything derailing over one poor choice. After sulking most of the day, I started to try and think of ways this could have a positive spin.

The spin is this:  one day someone is going to come into my life that will benefit from my story and the mistakes I made along the way. I may not know who this person is yet, but I owe it to them to press on so that one day I can help them not do the same stupid things that I have done. I’ll admit that everyone makes mistakes and that no one is perfect. Mistakes are OK as long as you don’t let them ruin the journey. Mistakes are OK as long as you share your newfound wisdom with others. Mistakes are OK because you are human. The only mistake that is not OK is learning, improving, and helping others do so in the process.


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