3 Things I Believe and Why They Help Me Sleep at Night

It’s been a while since my last bit of expression on here. I’ve been thinking a lot about the “management” of my life in that time as there’s a great deal of distractions in our world.

It would be really easy to become disheartened and disengaged in our current political climate. I could easily be angry or nasty like so many from both sides of the aisle.

I’m a worrier by nature so staying calm isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I started to think about my response emotionally and even physically to the world around me. Here is what I have decided to keep top of mind.

  1. I believe in “We the people.” I think that at our core, all of us believe in the American dream. We believe in hope and want a happy and prosperous life. I believe that no matter what, most Americans are voting their consciences and I would be selfish to be angry or resentful to think otherwise.
  2. I believe that dialogue is still possible. Common ground is easy to find if we seek it out. Access to clean air to breathe and water to drink for the next generation should be important to us. Access to healthcare – whatever that solution is – should not be a privilege. Investing in our children and their education will be what sustains this country. I think those are all ideas we can get behind.
  3. I believe that love always wins. This world is not always kind, but in our darkest moments, at least in my lifetime, I’ve seen love shine through the most grim of circumstances. I’m not religious these days, but I believe the God I was taught as a child to trust shares a message of love and acceptance. I believe there is a balance that exists in this universe, and when someone tries to tip that balance with hatred, bigotry, and lies – like a boomerang – humanity will find a way to move us back in a positive direction.

As long as I can remember I’ve believed that everything happens for a reason. We need to find the lessons in our experiences and in the world around us. Put down your phone. Turn off the TV.

Love your neighbor.

It starts with each of us. Don’t wait.

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