Time to Transition to a New Approach….and Stop Using “in New York City” in the Titles of My Posts…..

So, per usual, I fell off the map when I started “doing something new” – i.e. this blog. My attention span truly is something on which I need to work. I apologize for not keeping current – not that anyone is actually reading this, but hey. Why not? Actually, I think my mom reads this – so, “Hi, Mom.”

So I’ve been here a year. Wow. To be clear, this is not some melodramatic celebration of the landmark that is a one year anniversary in a new place. I’ve always thought that was kind of dumb. Plus I told you’re not a true New Yorker until you hit the 10 year mark. If I’m being honest, I’ll probably always be a Texan in the eyes of most. I can’t shake the twang so the jig is up usually pretty quickly.

My whole approach to this terribly inconsistent blog was a play on my Instagram handle, ‘anewdayvid.’ I wanted to embrace change and invent a better version of myself. That, I suppose, is still the goal, but I think I lost a little bit of my focus. I thought I’d pull this Carrie Bradshaw approach where I document my journey and how my transition into a new town was going.  I say that like I watched ‘Sex in the City’ – er ‘Sex and the City’? – whatever. I think that’s what it was about.

While I’m keeping the Instagram handle, I’ve started thinking of it simply as a changed David. The best analogy of which I can think is like sharpening a knife. You drag it along a course stone the blade becomes less dull – even deadly (muahaha). I kid, but you get the idea.

This city and this move have both changed me – probably in more ways than I ever anticipated or even recognize. I’ve made some of the biggest mistakes of my life in the last 12 months and faced some difficult challenges all by myself. You don’t realize the network you have until you’ve removed it from the equation. I won’t bore you with the details, but I mean that last statement.

A network is important. It’s something I’m building, but it takes a LOT of time an effort.

One thing I have recognized is I’ve got an incredible amount of respect for anyone that moves here during and survives their twenties. That takes courage. Based on the last 12 months, I’m glad that I waited until I was 31 because I most definitely would be dead had I done this 10 years ago.

There wasn’t much planning put into this post. I guess I’m treating it like a very public journal at this point, but I HOPE I can focus more on it. Maybe by putting it out into the universe, you all can help me with it. Thanks for tolerating a jumbled mess of thought. I promise to keep practicing and to improve along the way.

Until next time…hopefully sooner than later….


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