Risk vs. Security

Well, needless to say I struggle with consistency when it comes to blogging. When I started this a little over a year ago, I thought I had something of substance to share. It turns out I was just another misguided young American that thought his opinion mattered.

Well, it doesn’t, and still doesn’t in the grand scheme of things. So now I am choosing to write for me. Consider this simply my thoughts in text; whether one or one million read it matters not.

Lately, I have been contemplating my next challenge in life. Last week I accomplished the largest and most difficult goal I have set for myself. I’ll spare you the details to avoid bragging, but with that checked off my list I ask myself, “what next?”

It has led me on a journey for the past couple weeks. I started thinking about my future because this goal was centered on cleaning up my past. My initial thought was save for a home, here in my current city of residence. Is that what I want, though?

What do I want? What do we want for that matter? With a domestic and political landscape rocky at best, I would think that we want security and stability. Will that make me or us happy? A big part of me wonders about my older friends that played it safe. They never took that big risk and made a major change in their life. What if I look back and regret it?

If I stay, I’m confident that I can plan and save for a secure future. If I go, I don’t know what will happen. My biggest fear; however, is looking back wishing I would have taken a personal risk.

I think people should always strive to stretch and challenge themselves. I want to do just that.

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