Develop Yourself

So it is no secret that for the past 9 months or so I have been on a personal journey to try and improve myself. At first I thought I just wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, then I realized if I’m going to live longer I’ll need to pay for it. So I subscribed to the ‘Dave Ramsey’ method and have been focusing on my financial budgeting and planning.

A third phase is slowly forming that I did not anticipate, because I sometimes feel like my leadership development has been in something of a holding pattern. I have made a career in retail, and I am currently employed by my third. Each of these places I have been in management positions and have certain elements of success. However, I had an epiphany this regarding what I expect out of development in the workplace. Sometimes – you have to develop yourself. Thankfully, Dave Ramsey is also big on leadership and he inspired me to go out and buy some books on leadership.

My author of choice was John C. Maxwell. I purchased two books:  ‘The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader’ and ‘The 5 Levels of Leadership.’ I’m starting with the former. According to the author, it should be treated more like a daily read over the course of time (it’s a very short book and could be finished in one sitting). So for the next 21 days I’m going to start reflecting on each day.

The personal lesson I’m articulating today is that sometimes you just have to take what you want. I want to be developed into an amazing leader of teams. For me to wait around for someone to give me the development I need is foolish – and not really the behavior of a leader. I’m excited to see what the next month or so brings with this book. The whole idea is to be a man people want to follow, not required to.


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