“Trivial Pursuit”

You’ve probably played the game with family or friends. A terrible journey through categories of questions that are far too hard for most normal people. I was talking to a friend of mine that was discussing how badly he needed something.

Before I get rolling on my thoughts today, let me just say that I get it. There have been so many times when I “needed” something. I needed a new shirt or new pair of shoes or that coffee from Starbucks.  I needed it so that I could add some fundamental amount of joy or satisfaction to my life.  I got to thinking about my conversation with my friend and realized just how trivial happiness is today. We buy things to fill some void, but that void is usually caused by something. Are you dissatisfied at work? Are you unhappy in a relationship or lack there of? Are you having issues with your family or a friend? My first big question I answered was about my dissatisfaction with my choices with my body. Sometimes that’s the one that is most difficult, so I’d buy food or more clothes or things that made me feel better.

That’s the problem. We pursue trivial things in the hopes of finding happiness instead of pursuing the roots of our own problems. If you don’t like your job – change it. If you have relationship issues – work on them. If you are unhappy with your body – go to the damn gym and eat right. Spending needless money on things in the hopes of some long lasting gratification is useless. There is so much truth to the phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Until people pursue the roots of their issues, we will never find full satisfaction in life. Think about the things in your life with which you struggle. You are the common denominator in all of those struggles. Change your approach. Change your choices. Change your perspective. Change something and change it for the better.

Until next time,


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