“Those that are mothers and those who mother”

I’ll be candid – I have not always had the best relationship with my mother. We have our highs and we have our lows. A large part of my issues with her are actually my own. Coming to terms with forgiveness over a few things is something that I am dealing with in this wellness journey of mine.

Since today is Mother’s Day, I started considering the qualities of a good mother. Thanks to the joys of social media, I am seeing post after post on the “best mothers in the world” and one can’t help but think who is actually right?  So apart from the phone call I obviously gave my mom, I started thinking about all the women in my life who have nurtured and helped me over the past couple of decades. I’ve always appreciated them, but the gravity of their importance suddenly set in in a cumulative way.

I started thinking about those teachers I had back in high school. The ones that took me under their wings, encouraged me, and prepared me for what life had in store. I think about those friends in college I made (before they were mothers) and how much they enhanced my undergraduate life with their advice, their laughter, and their long lasting memories we created together.

My mothers in the work place have been a huge influence on me as well. My first “momma” as I actually called her taught me so much of what I know about leadership and building relationships with my team and peers. Then along came a mentor that I still speak with and who guides me to this day. I also think about all the women that I’ve been fortunate enough to lead in the workplace. These strong, vibrant, and independent women are both an inspiration and an example to me (whether they realize it or not).

Whether or not these woman have kids today is irrelevant. Without question they have been a positive influence to me. My point is simply this:  mothers of all varieties come in and out of your life, but no matter how well you’ve stayed in contact, appreciate them. These are special ladies and they deserve your gratitude.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you special ladies out there,


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