“The Only One that Can Change Your Situation is You”

I heard a story today about a 24 year old single father of two. He’s sitting on $30,000 in debt (if I remember correctly), and makes $13 an hour.

He might as well have a mountain to climb.

While to many this might sound like a horror story to most, there is definitely a silver lining. This man is reaching out for nothing but advice and knowledge on ways to improve his situation. There are some critical components to think about. Did he probably make some mistakes early on in his life? I would guess that he did.  Is he taking steps to change his situation?  Absolutely he is. Most importantly, and probably my favorite part of this story, is he’s not interested in a handout. He is focused on doing it the right way without taking advantage of those around him or his government.

I found his story incredibly inspiring. It’s big examples like this that have helped change my perspective about my future. Now I don’t proclaim that I have a similarly tough situation; I have been more fortunate.  I have; however, made my fair share of pretty life altering mistakes. My path to overall wellness started with my health, largely because I abused my body in many ways for almost two years of my life. I’ll spare you the details, but I, like this gentlemen, made a choice to fix and change my situation. Nine months later my life is on an entirely different trajectory. I was hopeless, rarely sober, hated my reflection, and spent money like there was no tomorrow. Today I am overwhelmed with hope and excitement about what my future has in store.  All of this because I made that first tough choice to change.

It’s important to remember that changing your situation and your life isn’t one big choice.  It is thousands and thousands of small choices over the course of the rest of your life. The hardest one to make is that first one.

Make it happen.

Until next time, be more,


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