“Spread the Love Around”

I have always been a big fan of musicals. I suppose if I could have done everything differently I might have tried to pursue a career on the stage. That’s not really the point of this entry. “Spread the Love Around” is the finale song from the musical, Sister Act (based on the 90s movie). I’ve never seen the show, but I’m a huge fan of the clever lyrics and upbeat sounds.

I had dinner with a new friend of mine last night, and I sort of had a revelation during our conversation. In the last 8 months I have been hyper-focused on myself and creating a plan to improve my current and future situation. This plan has been largely centered around my health, but a big financial shift has occurred as well. I got some parting advice from my final course in my MBA program about listening to a radio host by the name of Dave Ramsay. I will not go into details about Ramsay’s teachings or methods, but I will say they have changed my life. I have such a firm belief in his way of thinking I have completely changed the way I handle and plan my money on a weekly and monthly basis.

During our conversation last night, my friend expressed he is also on sort of a financial journey to pay off credit card and student loan debt just like me. Without hesitation I began pouring stories out about the “debt free” screamers and about how his 7 step method is a pass to financial peace and well-being. You’re probably thinking, “where is the love in all this?” If I can share what little I know or at least point someone in the direction where to find the answers to their questions about their goals, I’m happy to do that. So much of our society is inwardly focused. What can I do to help myself, make myself wealthy, be more successful. While I admit I’m focused on making myself better, I think its important that if someone has a question about how I’ve achieved a goal, it is my duty to not only share that with them, but teach them how to do it for themselves.  If everyone helped one person a day this world would be a much better place. That might seem cheesy, but it is solid truth.

My only hope is that some day maybe I can come up with an original approach to improving the lives of strangers in the same way that Dave Ramsay has improved mine. I don’t think it’s possible to achieve this on the scale he has, but I’m much happier spreading love around than succeeding for my own selfish glory.

Until next time, be more.


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