“Because Drunk Texts are Always a Good Idea”

Of course that is not true.

They are quite possibly the worst idea ever. Ever. I decided to let a little loose last night because a good friend of mine wanted to celebrate a promotion at work. Sure. I’m game. I don’t go out much, so it seemed like a great idea. We had fun, a few drinks, and then I saw him. That guy that made me feel amazing and special, and without warning suddenly called things off because of some things he was “dealing with.”

I can’t be made at self-discovery; it’s been the story of my life for the past year. What’s terrifying is how someone can work so hard on themselves to become more confident and focused in life, but he or she can still be crippled by sight of the wrong person. We hugged and it was wonderful to hold him again. It was like a terrible gift that made me revisit every emotion I loved and hated experiencing.

How does one combat this? How do you effectively deal with rejection? I’ve toiled over this all day and I’m sad to say I have not come to a definitive answer.  However, I do know that drunk texts are not that answer.  This is not because you’re probably going to say something you regret. What is stopping you from being honest with yourself and someone else in the first place?  Why do we need this “liquid courage” in order to say what we need to say? I am confident that I will never have the answer on why we let those we wish we had impact us so much. I’m not that smart.  I do know that out of this I learned that I will not wait for a drink to give me the courage to say what is needed. I know that you can do the same. Don’t be afraid of the consequences that might come about. At the end of the day you were honest with yourself and the other person while in a state of mind that was clear and collected. That is more than most drunk people can say.

Until next time, be better than yesterday.


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