“You Should Start a Blog.”

I have heard this statement more than once from multiple friends. Quite honestly, I’m not sure why anyone would care about what I have to say about life.  At the end of the day I am just another guy embarking on his thirties. Most people would say they are dreading this time of their life, but considering how many mistakes I made during my twenties, I’m pretty excited about a chance for a “do over.”

This idea of a blog was spurred by my frequent use of Instagram (@anewdayvid). What started out as a collection of random posts and me submitting to the trend slowly transitioned into a personal photo journal of my journey of self-improvement. I, like anyone, have struggled with my own personal demons in the past, and I used my account to try and hold myself accountable to be better than yesterday every day.

I realized that my photo journal was becoming much more when some of my previous friends and acquaintances started contacting me. I have never considered myself as inspirational; to this day I still do not. However, I heard testimony after testimony from people I hardly knew describing how I had encouraged them to eat better, exercise more, and take care of themselves inside and out.

I do not plan for this blog to have the same impact or for anyone to even read it. I do think it is the next step in my own personal journey, and if someone wants to come along for the ride, buckle up. Feedback and perspective is always welcome.

Until next time, try to be better than yesterday.


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